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Company Profile

PT . Kinarya Alihdaya Mandiri the company was founded on April 5, 2012 by focus on managing outsourcing services for Labor Supply as well as Managed Service. KAM gives the opportunity to the maximum human resource Indonesia fresh graduated or experienced to join with KAM placing in the client or in other cooperation. KAM gives opportunities also for personal development through job training so that employees recruited competent and professional in their work. For its business KAM emphasis on satisfaction of the employee nor the employer and KAM also push profitability along with the growth of the business. KAM is currently registered as a member:

  • Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (KADIN) No. 20203-10099369/1-9-2016
  • Business Entrepreneurs Association Alihdaya (ABADI) No.A/123/IX/ABADI-IOA/2017


Be strategic business partners and to be the first choice in the labor supply and manage service business.


  • Build good relationship and trusted Business Partners (employees and business partners).
  • Provide employment opportunities and develop excellence human resource , professional and competent to work together with the company.
  • Build and implement good practice in business management of human resources

Dokumen Perusahaan

Dalam mendukung bisnsinya, KAM melengkapi dokumen legal perusahaan maupun perizinan usaha diantaranya :

NoJenis DokumenNo. Tanggal Dokumen
1Akta Pendirian PerusahaanAkta No. 08 tgl. 05 April 2012 dibuat oleh Notaris Yonsah Minanda, S.H.
2The Passage Of Legal EntitiesSK Minister of Law and human rights REPUBLIC of INDONESIA No. AHU-20511. 01:01 AH. Year 2012 on April 20, 2013
3The deed of changes (last)No. 47 date. Agustus 25th, 2018 made by notary public Supreme Iriantoro, S.H., M.H.
4Trade Business License (SIUP)-Large356/24.1 PB 7/31.74/1.824.27/e/2017 date 01 January 2017
5Sign Companies List (TDP)528/24.3 pt. 1/31.74/1.824.27/e/2017 on May 15, 2017
6Domicile Affidavits137/27.1 BU 1/ 21 October 2021
7Tax Payer Number (NPWP)31.510.992.6-061.000
8Affidavits Listed Tax ServicesPEM-01969/WPJ. 04/KP. 0803/2012 on 18 April 2012
9Inaugural Letter Taxable Entrepreneur (SPPKP)S-148PKP/WPJ. 04/KP. 0803/2014 date December 22, 2014
10Operational Permits The Service Provider Company Business Workers/LabourersNo. 7/11.4.1/7/31.74.08/1,837/2016 on 17 October 2017 -16 October 2019